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Brand & Communication

Corporate Brand Identity


Core to the success of any business are the guiding principles and ‘reasons for being’ that express the ideal future that the business will create by providing its products or services.  These principles provide direction and are brought to life through the Vision, Mission and Values and are complimented by its positioning statement.


Combined, these statements are a clear expression of your business, the problems it is aiming to solve, for whom and these serve as a framework for your strategic planning.


  • Vision: This is the big idea, the unifying guiding light that expresses the positive difference your business will make in the world. It answers, “what do we want to achieve in the future?”


  • Mission: This answers the “why do we exist?” question and includes what you do, what problem you are trying to solve, for whom and the benefit you make. 


  • Values: These are the underlying beliefs, principles and standards by which you do business.


  • Positioning Statement: Identifies what boldly differentiates your brand from your competitors in the mind of your customer.


We provide a dedicated workshop to define and articulate your Vision, Mission, Values and Positioning Statements.  The process is inclusive and consultative as the output will be a unifying and exciting set of guidelines for everyone in your business.


Naming and Visual 


We provide tailored workshops to help you  define a brand name for your company,  the launch of a new service or product taking into consideration that words, colours, font and shapes may all have different meanings across various countries or cultures. The Ignite Branding workshop will help flesh out:


  • Suggested brand names

  • Brand values and attributes

  • Logo designs

  • Colours, font, shapes and design styles

  • Brand tone of voice (TOV)

  • Brand style guidelines


Building Brand Awareness and Positioning


Effective PR and media relations help build brand awareness and product exposure, establishes your authoritative credibility in the market and drives cost effective reach by leveraging the scale and trust of established networks and publications. 


TechFuse and its partners provide extensive PR capabilities including:


  • Key Messaging Workshops:  defining the communications strategy that articulates what makes your product or service stand out from the competition 


  • Company and product news:  drafting and broadcasting  your key news stories 


  • Company and/or Individual Profile building: Media opportunities and briefings including Interviews, thought leadership, feature pieces, and Q&As


  • Influencer outreach: leveraging our extensive network of industry thought-leaders and opinion-shapers to amplify your company announcements and build ongoing advocacy for your brand


  • Specific PR campaigns: company and/or product launches, new insights, data reports

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