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Social Media

Social media has become an essential media strategy for businesses in communicating, interacting and engaging with target audiences. A third of banking and financial service companies have acquired a customer through a social media channel.

Social Media can be used in various ways to raise visibility and exposure of your proposition:

  • Help your business build brand awareness 

  • Increase global reach

  • Educate industry and target audiences on your services

  • Position expertise

  • Share insights and thought leadership

  • Promote company brand, culture and services

  • Reinforce advocacy and engagement with your brand, company, products and/or services


At TechFuse our team has years of experience managing high-engagement social media channels.


We help you:

  • Determine which social media channels will work best for you based on your objectives and audience 

  • Manage your social media channels from set up to content management 

  • Content post creation and posting scheduling

  • Daily management to ensure you’re making the most of the channels and maximising the impact of your company news 

We also provide social media workshops for your teams to deepen their social media knowledge in order to raise their profile, understand the platforms algorithms, what content works, the do’s and don’t of social selling.

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