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Strategy & Planning

TechFuse is your out-of-house marketing strategy and support function. We provide time allocation for ad hoc requirements, specific projects or simply for businesses who would prefer to have an ongoing monthly strategic marketing support.

Go-to-Market plan


Launching a new business, product or service to market requires careful assessment and planning to make sure all the opportunities are on your side to succeed. We guide you through the necessary steps required to build an effective Go-To-Market strategy and plan, including:


  • Marketing & Communication Plan

  • Market sizing

  • Competitor review

  • Customer segmentation 

  • Buyer journey and personas

  • Channel distribution strategy

  • Partnership strategy

  • SWOT analysis

  • Value proposition assessment

  • Pricing comparison and strategy

  • Sales strategy


We can help you define a GTM strategy and plan, or simply support you with one or some of these aspects.


Strategic Partnership Planning 


Strategic partnerships can be key for any business in strengthening company brand positioning, business growth, and increasing product adoption and distribution channels. 


By selecting and nurturing the right partners you can create mutually beneficial relationships that will help amplify the reach of your sales and marketing.


We help you:

  • Define your partnership strategy and outreach

  • Define the partners with mutual value, shared vision and areas for synergies

  • Outline the scope of partnership and parameters

  • Manage outreach to existing partners

  • Coordinate joint marketing initiatives

  • Organise mutual workshops for teams to understand what the partnership and offering entails

  • Demonstrate your capabilities through case studies, blogs and eBooks

  • Maximise your brand’s visibility on partner channels

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