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The Fuse Box

The Fuse Box is our consultation service that focuses on reviewing your existing marketing, sales and product strategy, the processes and collateral in place and recommends areas for improvement and optimisation. In other words we are checking your Fuse Box to see that everything works! 

Reactive & Proactive Assessment


Even the best marketing plans need to be reviewed and optimised to ensure that strategy and tactics implemented are both reactive and proactive and are performing to business targets set while staying ahead of your competition.  


We help you with:


  • Review of your current marketing and sales  strategy and tactics, 

  • Assess current sales and marketing process

  • Review and update existing marketing and sales collateral 

  • Review and optimise product marketing strategy

  • Review any third-party agency tools and/or strategy your business currently works with

  • Enhance  your lead generation and customer onboarding process

  • Assess any lead and client nurturing strategies


Click here to book your complimentary one hour consultation

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